APTAC Region 11 receives APTAC’s 2021 Outstanding Project Award


APTAC Region 11 receives APTAC’s 2021 Outstanding Project Award
Gallatin, TN April 7, 2021 – The Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) presented its 2021 Outstanding Project Award to APTAC Region 11 for their Indian Affairs Native American Vendor Industry Day Matchmaker.
APTAC Region 11 includes the Native American Development Corporation PTAC, National Center American Indian PTAC, Tribal Government Institute PTAC, American Indian Chamber Education Fund PTAC, PEDCO PTAC, and the Nebraska Indian Community College PTAC.
The project was a collaboration between the Indian Affairs (IA) Division of Acquisitions and Native American Development Corporation PTAC, National Center American Indian PTAC, Tribal Government Revised 12/18/2017 Institute PTAC, American Indian Chamber Education Fund PTAC, PEDCO PTAC, and the Nebraska Indian Community College PTAC. Cooperation between the members of the Eleventh Region led to the collaboration with the IA Division of Acquisitions.
“I wanted to add that the NA PTACs had a total of 290 Attendees for the Indian Affairs Native American Vendor Industry Day and Matchmaker for both the morning and afternoon matchmaking sessions. Many of the businesses that attended the morning session also participated in the afternoon matchmaking. In the matchmaking, we had 24 out of 25 available Contracting Officers from Indian Affairs participating. That’s a 96% participation rate by the Contracting Officers, a real credit to Indian Affairs and the follow-up by the Native PTACs to insure all available Contracting Officers participated. 158 Native Businesses participated in the matchmaking. When you consider that these businesses were matched to the NAICS Codes of the Contracting Officers and that Native American Businesses make up one of the smallest demographic portions of the overall small business population, and all participating businesses were screened even further to include only businesses owned by federally recognized tribes and/or their members, we are talking finding needles within a stack of needles in our search for qualified Native Businesses. Recruiting 158 businesses owned by members of Federally recognized tribes is quite an accomplishment and a level of difficulty a State or Regional PTAC cannot appreciate,” said George Williams, Program Manager of The National Center American Indian PTAC.
APTAC’s Outstanding Project Award recognizes an accomplishment that stands out from the usual activities that all PTACs organize and undertake. The award is given to projects that benefit all APTAC members and/or serve as a model for other PTACs to emulate. Region 11’s proactive and innovative project to create a valuable resource that can be used by all represents just such an initiative.
APTAC is the professional organization of and for the 94 Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) sponsored by the Defense Department’s Defense Logistics Agency and local host organizations. APTAC supports the PTACs by providing them critical updates on the ever-changing procurement
processes across all federal agencies; comprehensive training opportunities and certification; and a national presence to collaborate with federal agencies on small business contracting initiatives and otherwise provide a voice in national government contracting assistance and policy arenas.
For More Information, contact: Mary Walks Over Ice, NADC Chief Operating Officer:
APTAC website:

State of Michigan Expands Business Opportunities Within Low-Income Communities & Underutilized Business Areas

Governor Whitmer issued Executive Directive 2019 – 08 calling on the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) to encourage expanded business opportunities within low-income communities and underutilized business areas.

Any entity seeking certification by DTMB as a Geographically-Disadvantaged Business Enterprise must complete this sworn affidavit. This affidavit is available at the bottom of this page.

The affidavit allows an entity to give:



Effective Monday, March 16th, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska has instituted a travel ban for all employees and tribal officials. In addition, all scheduled community events and trainings are canceled or postponed until May 1, at which time they will be evaluated for the safety of our tribal members.

Tribal Council would like to remind our entire tribal nation that this is a rapidly evolving situation and we will put additional measures in place as necessary. Council also wants to reassure you that we are actively monitoring the latest developments and are working to mitigate any potential effects that could harm our tribal community, especially our elders and other vulnerable populations. To that end, the following travel ban is being issued until further notice.

Effective March 16th, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is issuing a tribal wide travel ban for all tribal employees and officials. This ban applies to all employees and entities under the Ponca Tribe as well as Tribal Council, boards, and committees.

  • This includes new travel as well as any currently booked out-of-state (and international) trips.
  • If you are currently on travel (out-of-state or international), you are to make the Emergency Response Team aware of your return in case additional safety measures are needed.
  • No outside meetings or rentals are to take place at the tribal offices.
  • All tribal events are being postponed during this time.
  • Travel between the tribal offices and within the tribal service areas should be limited, unless deemed essential.
  • These restrictions are in place regardless of funding source.

All directors and supervisors are instructed to consider valuable training alternatives such as video or teleconference in place of in-person training. Directors and supervisors should work with their employees in minimizing the financial burden to the Tribe by making all attempts to get travel and registration costs refunded or credited for future use.

Furthermore, only essential or mandatory out-of-state travel would be considered on a case-by­case basis by the Tribal Council.

On behalf of the Tribal Council, we appreciate your understanding and patience as we get through this together.

The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska has declared a State of Emergency in regards to COVID-19. Watch the announcement video here:


Aho, Ponka mohshay, Wohnghee thay,

As our people become more and more inundated with news and updates on the Covid19 virus, I’m sure many of you are concerned of the unknown and what’s next.  As far as it relates to our tribal nation, Tribal Council and staff have been addressing this situation for some time.  Our Health staff have been closely monitoring this issue for weeks.  Our new health CEO, Dr. Matt Matusiak, has done an excellent job, along with our health administrative team, in working on processes to implement across the tribe for the continued health and safety of our employees and our tribal citizens.  The health and wellness of our people is of utmost importance and priority.

Added to our concerns in this time of uncertainty is the fact that our tribal service delivery areas are spread out over 15 counties in 3 states.  We have several unique areas spread across these areas.  All need the unique attention they deserve.  Our staff is working with all 3 state health organizations and all counties that our service delivery areas are in.  We are in constant contact with IHS and we continue to monitor the CDC updates and recommendations for best practices on how we may best help ourselves.  These notifications will continue to be shared via the tribe’s social media platforms to help provide you the most up to date information we can.   Not forgotten are our tribal members nationwide.  If there is information that is needed, or concerns that the tribe may be helpful in addressing, please do not hesitate in reaching out.

While we are doing everything we can to help at this time, your understanding is asked for in knowing that we just may not be able to prevent occurrences from happening.  Again, we will remain committed to protecting our people the absolute best that we can.

In this time, I call on each of us to help each other.  Check on those who are most at risk—our elders.  Let’s help make sure they have what they need to prevent their exposure.  Reach out to those who may be in need to see that they have what they need. If there is a physical need, please let our programs know so that we may try to help.  Let’s remember the guidance and wisdom of our ancestors, their teachings on our medicines that helped us in times of struggle.  The healing benefits and usage of cedar and sage among our people is well documented.  As we pray for continued strength, courage and guidance–let’s smudge ourselves and each other.
My prayers to each of you, our tribal nation and all nations.

Wi`Bthu Ho
Thank you,

Larry Wright Jr.
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

What to do if you are ill, or believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19:

  • Call your healthcare provider BEFORE going in for an appointment.
  • Call the Ponca Health Services Public Health Nurse Line at 402-649-2568 or 402-738-3157 for screening and assistance.
  • Notify Ponca Health Services CEO Matt Matusiak at 402.405.3875 and your county health department.

COVID – 19


  • Wash hands frequently, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use a hand sanitizer with at least a 60% alcohol content when hand washing is not an option.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, or cough into your elbow.
  • Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose & mouth.
  • When possible, avoid contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of upper respiratory illness.
  • If you are ill, stay home.


  • Call your healthcare provider BEFORE going in for an appointment.
  • Call the Ponca Health Services Public Health Nurse Line at 402-649-2568 or 402-738-3157 for screening and assistance.
  • Notify Ponca Health Services CEO Matt Matusiak at 402.405.3875 and your county health department.

Additionally, Ponca members and clients are encouraged to contact Ponca Health Services CEO Matt Matusiak at 402.405.3875, or email for more information about COVID-19.

Everything You Need to Know Before Goes Away in Fiscal Year 2020

The IAE is continuously working to reduce barriers in doing business with the federal government. By the fiscal year 2020, the transition of all the things you do today in will move into the centralized system (under the domain name  ‘Contract Opportunities’).


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